Bank credit: early redemption (debt restructuring)

Advice on the early settlement and rescheduling of a loan at Good Finance Bank. Learn what to look out for and how to take advantage of redemption and debt restructuring benefits. More commentary at To really benefit from rescheduling your loan at Good Finance Bank, you should do some research in advance. On the […]

Vacation Credit: Is This A Good Idea?

Financing your dream vacation with a loan? Can you do that? Our customers keep asking this question. Of course, favorable terms and a quick loan approval tempt you. However, we advise our customers to achieve the “dream vacation” goal in other ways. In 2016, the Swiss spent an impressive $ 16.3 billion on vacation abroad, […]

Self-employed loan for home purchase.

As a rule, this is not possible without a loan from the bank. The financing can be particularly difficult for the self-employed, as freelancers and entrepreneurs are usually provided by banks. Where can self-employed people get a home loan? However, conditions and prices may vary considerably due to the uncertain economic future of the self-employed. […]

Credit for start-ups and without ability

For people who run a business but do not have creditworthiness calculated using traditional methods, bank loans based on financial forecasts are a very convenient form of financing. Good credit history of the Customer More and more banks are introducing products based on this type of method into their offer with a financing period of […]