Bank credit: early redemption (debt restructuring)

Advice on the early settlement and rescheduling of a loan at Good Finance Bank. Learn what to look out for and how to take advantage of redemption and debt restructuring benefits. More commentary at

To really benefit from rescheduling your loan at Good Finance Bank, you should do some research in advance. On the one hand, the current interest rate level is important, on the other hand, the contractual arrangements with your current lender are important: some banks will at least partially compensate you for the interest that is lost as a result of early redemption, which can make the matter more expensive. In addition, your economic situation should not have deteriorated in order to be able to use the necessary scope to apply for a new loan.

Extraordinary repayments – not always desired

Extraordinary repayments - not always desired

Most loans are designed for a specific term so that they can be repaid at monthly installments within the agreed period. Exceptions are real estate or car loans, in which a residual amount must be paid or financed regularly at the end of the contract.

In addition, special repayments are not welcome with all providers or loan variants: the banks themselves raise money on the capital market in order to be able to issue the loans. If these are repaid early, the banks lose interest income – on the other hand, they have to pay for the debt themselves.

For this reason, some financial institutions provide for the calculation of prepayment penalties for these cases – at least for larger loans. Others are much more flexible here, either opening limited special repayments for their borrowers or completely refraining from restrictions.

Good Finance Bank credit – absolutely flexible

Good Finance Bank credit - absolutely flexible

Good Finance Bank offers a whole range of loans: In addition to the installment loan, you can take out a car loan, but also a policy loan, where the surrender value of a life insurance policy serves as security. The contractual terms are very flexible with these three loan options.

You are always happy to make free special repayments up to early repayment. Only the solar loan is out of line here because it is issued on the basis of a loan program of the Good Credit. Special repayments are possible, but additional fees will be charged – by the Good Credit. All Good Finance loans can be handled very flexibly.

Prepare to reschedule the Good Finance Bank loan

Prepare to reschedule the Good Finance Bank loan

The following procedure is recommended to ensure that the rescheduling of the Good Finance Bank loan runs smoothly:

Research market conditions

The best way to use the credit comparison is to have the current conditions of the individual providers listed in accordance with your specifications. The shortlisted candidates can be compared and compared directly. Above all, you can quickly check the contract details, for example, to weigh up the possible special repayments, suspension of payments or other regulations of the individual providers in advance.

Compile documents

Since your income situation and especially your creditworthiness will be checked again, you can already copy the necessary documents. As a rule, the wages and salary statements, in some cases also the bank statements of the last three months, are required. In addition, of course, the contract of the ongoing loans and a copy of your ID card or passport. Put together your income and regular expenses straight away, the bank must be able to estimate your free liquidity.

Select an offer

Check the individual offers in detail: You will find credit-dependent and credit-independent credit variants in the comparison calculator. If the conditions for the dependent conditions are only determined after your documents have been checked and a credit report has been obtained, you can be confident that you will find them in the credit agreement with the credit-independent conditions.

Make advance credit request

From the comparison, you can be guided directly to the online forms that request the information necessary for a preliminary request. At the same time, give your consent to the Credit Checker query so that the bank in question has all the data for a preliminary decision.

Fill out and send credit documents

You will then receive the relevant documents either by email or post, fill them out completely and send them back to the bank. As soon as the inbox confirms your details, the money will be paid to redeem your Good Finance Bank loan.