Credit for start-ups and without ability

For people who run a business but do not have creditworthiness calculated using traditional methods, bank loans based on financial forecasts are a very convenient form of financing.

Good credit history of the Customer


More and more banks are introducing products based on this type of method into their offer with a financing period of up to 10 years. The basic criterion for granting a loan is usually a good credit history of the Customer and no arrears to ZUS and Tax Office.

Preferential loans from the European Union are another form of financial support addressed to this group of clients. Such loans are granted for the implementation of planned investment projects.

In this case, the costs must be incurred not earlier than on the day following the day of signing the loan agreement. It is required to document 100% of the completed investment with invoices.

Financing goal


  • purchase costs of built-up real estate
  • costs of performing construction works
  • costs of purchasing or manufacturing machines, devices and equipment
  • costs of purchasing computer hardware and software
  • costs of buying special cars
  • expenses for other economic purposes contributing to the entrepreneur’s development

Support received under such a loan may not be allocated to:

  • covering the current costs of doing business
  • financing of consumption goals
  • repayment of loans and credits, repayment of public law liabilities

Loans are granted in the following amounts:

  • from 15,000 USD to 1,000,000

Required own contribution 0-20% made before the loan was launched, but after the contract was signed.

The loan repayment period is:

  • max. 60 months
  • max. 12 months grace period for capital repayment is allowed

Loan interest rate

Loan interest rate

  • fixed interest rate – 1% (APRC 1%)

For people planning to start a business, loans financed by EU institutions are a favorable form of financing. Currently for people from the province. loans are available with a preferential interest rate of 0.5% per annum. They can be intended, among others on:

  • purchase of real estate and execution of construction works
  • purchase of machines, devices, equipment, computer hardware and software
  • purchase of intangible assets (patents, licenses, know-how)
  • purchase of means of transport, leaflets, advertising banners, business cards
  • purchase of working capital – up to 30% of eligible costs


  • available amount: USD 10,000 – USD 50,000
  • own contribution: not required
  • period: max 60 months
  • grace period: max. 3 months (capital repayment)
  • interest rate 0.5% per annum (APRC 0.5%)