Renewal Credit – The advantageous alternative to transform and renew

You can freely choose to offer a new painting to your four walls or to change the parquet in your room. Thanks to our renovation credit you can beautify your interior in a simple and attractive way.


Save on taxes

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The interest on your private credit is deductible on your tax return. On the other hand, renovations and transformations must be a maintenance of value, you can assert your additional costs.


What does “maintaining value” mean?

renewal credit

It is best to explain it to you by an example: If you replace the old bathroom with a new model, you can deduct the costs. But if you install a luxury wellness bathroom, you cannot deduct that part of these costs, as it is an added value.

To summarize – The advantages of credit:

  • Free use for any job
  • An attractive interest rate starting at 4.9%
  • No cleaning can increase your eventual mortgage and no cost of valuing your real estate
  • Death insurance is included


Lower maintenance costs

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Do you want to cover the roof of your house with solar panels? As these future-oriented investments will enable energy savings, renewal credit is indicated. This is also valid if you want to renovate the bathroom. The installation of electrical appliances and modern infrastructure will allow you to reduce the consumption of electricity and water. All these measures thus preserve its heritage and environment.


Go your way without an excessive financial burden

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You can freely choose the full repayment time for your private credit, from 6 to 120 months. In comparison, you will not be able to pay your mortgage in full. This debt remains until the house is sold. You must obtain a sale price that covers at least the mortgage, as it must be repaid immediately.


Renewals without increasing mortgage

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Of course, you can place your property as collateral to finance your project. This may, however, cause the bank to re-examine your entire mortgage and re-evaluate your asset. The increase in credit is always linked to additional costs. Thanks to our private credit for maintenance or renovation work, you are free and flexible. You can thus concentrate on your work.

Our credit calculator will allow you to calculate various alternatives, adapt them to your situation and complete your credit directly online.