Vacation Credit: Is This A Good Idea?

Financing your dream vacation with a loan? Can you do that? Our customers keep asking this question. Of course, favorable terms and a quick loan approval tempt you. However, we advise our customers to achieve the “dream vacation” goal in other ways.

In 2016, the Swiss spent an impressive $ 16.3 billion on vacation abroad, according to the Axis-Y Financing. The holiday budget has been increasing for years and the travel destinations are becoming more and more exotic, as shown by a current list from VacAdvisor. For the individual household, vacation is now a major item in financial planning. And even if the attraction is there, they prefer to do without “Holidays on pump”. We tell you why:


Memories are not for sale

vacation credit

Sure, a vacation is worth its weight in gold for the home photo album and personal well-being, but only theoretically. While in the financing of economic goods (house, car, furniture, …) an object with a value that can be quantified in money is always purchased, only the memory of the vacation remains. And you can’t sell them.


Stress follows recovery

vacation credit

As soon as you get back from vacation, the installments are due. So in the next few months you will pay something that has already happened. While you benefit in the long term from a car financed by a loan or a fitted kitchen, the memory of the holiday and the tan of your skin gradually fades – but the installment payment remains!


After the holiday is before the holiday

credit loan

As soon as you get back from your vacation, you want to leave right away. But if you pay off the previous trip, planning a new trip is not really fun.

But how do you get your dream vacation anyway? Here, too, we have a few tips on how to save money and fill up your vacation budget:

1) Check current loans

Do you pay monthly loan installments? Check the conditions – often a loan can be taken out with better conditions (for example, we at KLERLEND offer low interest rates from 4.5%) and you can easily replace the old loan. Already a little more money remains in your wallet.


2) summarize financing

Sometimes it makes sense to summarize all ongoing financing and loans. You will often get better conditions overall and, above all, a better overview.


3) Leasing or car loan – which is actually cheaper?

Do you use a leasing car? Check here exactly what is cheaper for you. A car loan is often the better alternative to leasing.


4) Pay attention to credit card interest

You stutter your credit card interest monthly? Here, too, you can save hard cash: reschedule the costs and finance the amount on significantly better terms.

If you can use some of the tips, you should have a little more money at your fingertips every month. Put this to one side, or even better: straight to the holiday fund! And then nothing stands in the way of planning your vacation …